Reduce Moisture Levels Under Your House

Reduce Moisture Levels Under Your House

We'll help you avoid costly damage in Huntersville, NC with a moisture barrier installation

There's almost no type of damage more expensive than moisture damage that starts in your crawl space. Instead of risking serious property damage, hire RJ Ward Crawl Professionals for a crawl space vapor barrier installation in Huntersville, NC. We'll seal off cracks and crevices, install the barrier and use a dehumidifier to get rid of lingering humidity.

We can also install a moisture barrier in your attic. Start saving today with a free estimate.

5 good reasons to keep your crawl space dry

The right moisture barrier can:

  1. Reduce your energy costs.
  2. Improve your indoor air quality.
  3. Prevent mold and mildew growth.
  4. Keep insects from breeding under your home.
  5. Stop moisture from causing structural damage.

Find out how a crawl space vapor barrier can enhance the comfort of your home in the Huntersville, NC area and save you money each month. Call 704-201-9818 now.